Full-time care is available to the general public, provided there is space available. We offer a $20.00 discount for a second full-time child.

Part-time care is available only to members of Living Word Christian Church, provided there is space available. The maximum number of hours for part-time is fifteen hours per week, with the exception of school-age children. More hours per week would result in full-time tuition being charged.

Age of ChildFull-Time TuitionPart-Time Tuition
Infants & 1-year olds$200 per week$5.75 per hour
2-year olds$170 per week$5.25 per hour
3-5-year olds$160 per week$5.00 per hour
School age$140 per week$4.50 per hour


Parents who register a child for the Preschool only pay tuition monthly, on the first day of attendance for that month.

Number of DaysTuition
2 days per week$175 per month
3 days per week$200 per month
4 days per week$225 per month
5 days per week$250 per month

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